This is where you will find information to see how we are progressing with the county breeding atlas fieldwork.

As we commence work for our second year we aim to build on the sound work done in the summer of 2007. There is some work yet to be done in extracting data from sources such as Bird Track and BBS fieldwork which will then be included in the dataset and will contribute to the completeness of the distribution maps. There is also close collaboration between the Bedfordshire and the national projects and data will be passed between the two bodies to ensure completeness. In practical terms this will lead to the county records being supplemented by the roving records and timed tetrad visits from the Bird Atlas 2007-11 and in return we will supply data to make the species lists for each of the 10-km squares more complete and to improve the known breeding status where possible.

Distribution Maps

The Distribution maps show the final results for the 1968-77 and 1988-92 breeding atlases at the 2-km (tetrad) scale.

Provisional tetrad scale maps for the new breeding season atlas will be updated on a regular basis as more records become available, during the five years of this project.